Key Features

  • Mae Saw National Park
  • Juicy Caves or Buddha’s Hand Cave, Twin BuddhaDoll cave
  • Pai
  • Mae Sariang
  • Namtok Mae Surin National Park
  • Thampla-Phasua Waterfall National Park (Fish Cave National Park – Pha Mat Waterfall)
  • Sop Pong Village
  • Tham Lot
  • Pang Ung



Mae Hong Son Province is one of the northern provinces of Thailand, on the country’s western border. Neighboring provinces are Shan State of Myanmar,

Mae Hong Son’s nickname is “the city of three mists”. It is hemmed in by the high mountain ranges of the Shan Hills and is the most mountainous province in Thailand. The province is often covered with mist. Mae Hong Son town was originally established in the early 19th century as an elephant training camp as ordered by the then King of Chiang Mai.

How to Get Around

Mae Hong Son can be reached by car or bus from Chiang Mai by the Mae Hong Son loop. The town is also serviced by the Mae Hong Son Airport. It is also home to the only commercial Diesel power station in Thailand. The station has only a very small capacity of 4.40 MW (4,400 kW). It seems like it was placed here because of the remote location of the town.

Where to Stay

Go Places Recommended™ Properties in Mae Hong Son. Pai district is famous accommodation of tourist.  Luxury hotel amidst beautiful nature In the middle of a quiet mountain Can be seen at a wide angle, panoramic Designed to emphasize that guests feel snuggled close to nature. Clearly overlooking the mountains and rivers With private pool Ready for you to experience the three-season mist Truly beautiful nature Each room has been designed and decorated beautifully. With complete facilities.  Pha Bong Sub-district, Mueang District Pha Bong Sub-district, Pai district, Mueang District


Restaurants & Bars

Go Places Recommended Restaurants™ & Bars™.


Must-Try Activities

Go Places Recommended Activity & Experience™ Partners.

  • Hin Hin Cave
  • Khao Kaek Cave
  • Ish cave
  • Coral cave
  • Pha Daeng Cave
  • Man Cave
  • Diamond Cave
  • Mae Lana Cave
  • Lod Cave
  • Hin Mook Cave
  • Tham Kaew Komol Forest Park
  • Waterfall
  • Pha Phong Waterfall
  • Pha Mat Waterfall
  • Mae Yuam Luang Waterfall
  • Mae Yen Waterfall
  • Mae Sakueang Luang Waterfall
  • Mae Sa Nga Klang Waterfall
  • Mae Surin Waterfall
  • Mae U Kho Waterfall
  • Mo Paeng Waterfall
  • Hot Springs
  • Tha Pai Hot Spring
  • Muang Pang Hot Spring
  • Market
  • Saiyud Market
  • Temple / palace
  • Pang Tong Palace
  • Jong Klang Temple
  • Wat Chong Kham
  • Temple per raft
  • Namhu Temple
  • Phra That Chom Mon Temple
  • Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu
  • Phra That Mae Yen Temple
  • Wat Phra Non
  • Muay Temple to
  • Sri Bunruang Temple
  • Saen Thong Temple
  • Hua Wiang Temple
  • Mae Surin Waterfall National Park
  • Thung Bua Tong, Doi Mae U Neck
  • Bua Tong Field, Doi Mae Lo
  • Ban Tha Ta Nang
  • Water house
  • House in Soi
  • Mae Sam Laab House
  • Mae Loui House
  • Baan Rak Thai
  • Ban Sop Khong
  • Ban Huay Sua Thao
  • Sop Moei

Events and festivals

Poi Sang Long Procession (งานประเพณีปอยส่างลอง)

Chong Phara Procession (งานประเพณีจองพารา)

Bua Tong Blossom Festival (งานวันดอกบัวตองบาน)

Loi Krathong Festival (ประเพณีลอยกระทง หรือ งานเหลินสิบสอง)

Small World Festival


Best times to visit

October to February

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