Koh Chang


Key Features

  • Hike Salak Phet, the Highest Mountain on Koh Chang.
  • Swing From a Palm Tree on White Sands Beach.
  • Hike to the Hidden Kai Bae Waterfall.
  • Take a Snorkeling Tour.
  • Thai Cooking Class



Koh Chang is the second largest island in the country after Phuket Island.  Koh Chang National Park Koh Chang National Park With a total area of ​​650 square kilometers or 406,250 rai, consisting of 52 different islands, arranged together in the Ko Chang district. And some parts of Koh Kood district, the most important island is Koh Chang. There are also other islands that still maintain natural beauty, including Koh Khom Ko, Ko Lao Ya in Koh Ngam, Mai Mai Yai, Koh Wai, Ngam Island. Under the water that maintains natural integrity such as Koh Wai and Koh Rung, etc. The park office Located on the east side of Koh Chang, near Than Mayom Canal. The front area has a large berth of the park. In addition, there are 3 park protection units that are located on Koh Chang, Klong Son Bay. At the entrance to Klong Plu Waterfall And Salak Phet village area

The topography is mostly high, with complex rock formations. The highest peak is Khao Salak Phet, with a height of about 744 meters. The forest is generally abundant. Most of them are hill evergreen forest. The origin of the upper reaches Causing many waterfalls on the island On the east side of the island Has a very beautiful coastline


How to Get Around

From Bangkok to Trat

By car

Bangna-Bang Pakong Road and Sukhumvit Road Through Chonburi – Rayong – Chanthaburi – Trat Distance of 390 kilometers take about 4-5 hours.

By plane

Bangkok Airways Company Limited has flights between Bangkok-Trat-Bangkok. (Located in Khao Saming district) every day

From Trat to Koh Chang

  • Ferry boat, Center point pier, Koh Chang Naval Memorial Pier (wooden boat), Koh Chang Ferry Pier (Ao Thammachat), Koh Chang Pier



Where to Stay

Koh Chang’s beaches include Hat Kai Bae beach, and Hat Khlong Phrao-Laem Chaiyachet beach. By far the busiest is the first beach visitors reach when they arrive on the island, White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Kao). The tourist will go to head a couple of kilometres south of Kai Bae Beach to Lonely Beach, which is known for cheap accommodation and almost nightly parties in high season. A quieter alternative is Klong Kloi Beach on the south coast of Ko Chang. This was deserted until 2006 but is now home to a community of beach bars, restaurants, and accommodation.  Go Places Recommended™ Properties in Koh Chang.



Restaurants & Bars

At Koh Chang, there are many restaurants to choose from, have a good quality, fresh and very tasty. Can choose various ways fresh seafood from the sea Good quality European cuisine, French cuisine Indian, Mexican, street food and vegetarian. Which will serve you the best foods and best restaurant.  Go Places Recommended Restaurants™ & Bars™.



Must-Try Activities

  • Explore the Bang Bao Floating Village.
  • Massage
  • Party Wild at Lonely Beach.
  • Night Market at White Sands Beach

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Best times to visit

The perfect time to visit Koh Chang. Will start from October to May There will be many foreign tourists coming to travel together. Because the European countries are winter During the period from June to September, there will be less foreign tourists, hotels, resorts and accommodation will reduce the cost of accommodation.

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